SRG Woolf – Vision and Values

Our vision is "To Be the Best" client partner and employer. To achieve our vision, SRG Woolf’s straightforward business strategy helps our customers build better businesses in a changing world.

Within our vision and strategy, we understand that delivering value through exemplary service is at the core of everything we do. We are:

Enterprising [en-ter-prahy-zing]


  1. Characterized by great imagination or initiative
  2. Ready to undertake projects of importance or difficulty

Our enterprising approach creates extraordinary results.

Astute [uh-stoot, uh-styoot]


  1. Of keen discernment
  2. Clever, ingenious

We are astute at providing quality service consistently.

Forward thinking [fawr-werd-thing-king]


  1. Planning for the future
  2. Visionary

Through forward thinking, we strive to identify goals of the future and develop methods to meet them.

Decisive [dih-sahy-siv]


  1. Resolute, determined
  2. Indisputable, definite

Our decisive approach to sourcing and recruiting results in unsurpassed quality.

Credible [kred-uh-buh l]

  1. Believable
  2. Trustworthy

We build trust by being credible, saying what we do and doing what we say.

Known for our commitment to excellence and focus on quality service, we continually seek the high road and better ways to deliver value to our candidates, employees and clients.